So, you’re out there changing the world with your non-profit? That’s fantastic! But hey, we all know that to keep the wheels turning, you need a bit of financial fuel. No worries, we’ve done the legwork for you and found 10 amazing websites that can help your non-profit bring in the bucks.

From places that let you shout about your cause to the whole world, to spots where getting steady support is super easy, we’ve got your back. Gear up to supercharge your fundraising game with these nifty sites. Time to get that cash flowing!

Best 10 Websites Help Non-Profit Raise Funds and Donations

Gofundme Home Page

GoFundMe: The Fundraising Powerhouse

GoFundMe is a crowd favorite for a reason. It’s super user-friendly and perfect for personal causes, emergencies, and yes, non-profits too. Set up your page, tell your heartfelt story, and share it with the world. The platform’s wide reach can help you get generous donations from kind souls everywhere.

Kickstarter: Bring Creative Projects to Life

Kickstarter is the place for creative minds. If your non-profit is all about artsy projects or innovative gadgets, this is where you shine. Just remember, it’s all or nothing here – reach your goal to get the funds.

Indiegogo: For the Forward-Thinkers

Indiegogo gives you the freedom to raise funds for almost anything. It’s especially great if your non-profit is into cutting-edge projects or products. Plus, you get to keep the funds whether you hit your goal or not.

Patreon: Build a Community of Patrons

Patreon is unique because it’s not just about a one-time donation. Supporters can pledge a monthly amount, giving you a steady stream of support. It’s perfect for creators and organizations that offer regular content or perks.

JustGiving: Global Giving Made Easy

JustGiving is all about making giving as easy as possible. It’s a global platform, so supporters from around the world can contribute to your cause. Plus, it’s got a bunch of tools to help you manage and promote your campaign.

Fundly: Tell Your Story with Visuals

Fundly stands out with its emphasis on storytelling through visuals. Create a compelling narrative with photos and videos to connect with potential donors on a personal level.

Facebook Fundraisers: Leverage Your Social Network

Facebook Fundraisers taps into the power of social media. With billions of users, Facebook can help you reach a vast audience. Plus, it’s integrated with the platform, so sharing and donating is a breeze for your supporters.

Charity Navigator: Show Your Transparency

Charity Navigator is a bit different. It’s not a fundraising platform but a place to show your non-profit’s transparency and credibility. Being listed here can boost donor confidence.

Network for Good: Connect with Donors

Network for Good offers tools not just for fundraising but also for donor management and engagement. It’s a comprehensive platform that helps you build lasting relationships with your supporters.

Crowdrise: Event Fundraising Specialist

Crowdrise, which is part of GoFundMe, specializes in fundraising for events like marathons and charity walks. It’s all about community and getting people involved in fun, active ways.

What are some tips for creating an effective fundraising video?

Want to make a fundraising video that really hits home? Here’s the lowdown on crafting one that’ll get folks reaching for their wallets:

  • Spin a Yarn: Everyone’s a sucker for a good tale. Spill the beans on who you are, the magic you’re working, and why it’s the bee’s knees. Keep it real, and folks will relate.
  • Short ‘n’ Snappy: People’s attention spans are teeny, so make your point pronto. Aiming for a 2-3 minute flick should do the trick.
  • Mission Spotlight: Put the limelight on what your non-profit is all about. Flaunt the big challenge you’re tackling and how a little moolah from viewers can make waves.
  • Keep it Real: Don’t fake it till you make it. Let your true-blue passion and honesty glow.
  • Slick Production: No need for a blockbuster budget, but make sure your video’s easy on the eyes and ears.
  • Action Stations: Be crystal about what you want the watchers to do next. Donate? Share? Get the lowdown on your cause? Say it loud and clear.
  • Feel the Feels: Tug on those heartstrings. A dash of music, a sprinkle of images, and a story that stirs up the feels can work wonders.
  • Success Showcase: Got some wins under your belt? Parade those success stories or glowing reviews from the folks you’ve helped.
  • Launch Like a Pro: Don’t just toss your video into the wild web. Plan a big ol’ bash for it with social media, emails, and maybe even a shindig or two.
  • Tweak and Polish: Keep an eye on how your video’s doing and fine-tune as needed. Those number-crunching analytics will show you what’s cooking.

And there you have it – your blueprint for a fundraising video that’ll have ’em cheering (and donating) in no time!

Blame Drew’s Cancer is an inspiring initiative led by Drew Olanoff, a young Californian who was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Drew took a unique approach to fighting his cancer by harnessing the viral power of the internet. In 2009, he launched a website called, where people could blame anything they wanted on Drew’s cancer. The idea was to turn negative energy into positive action.

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